Monday, September 21, 2009

Reporting Prior Coursework on the University Application

I want to take this opportunity to remind students that ALL prior coursework MUST be reported on the University of California application, as well as on any other university application. Some students act like they do not believe me when I tell them this information. Here is a link to the University of California website that confirms my assertion:

University applications all include a statement that must be read and signed, even virtually, by applicants verifying that the applicant has reported all information in the application accurately and honestly, and that failure to do so can have negative consequences on the applicant's admissibility to the university. If the university discovers that you failed to report prior college coursework, you can have your admissions rescinded, or taken away, and it can affect your admissibility to any other university in the system.

Do not be afraid to report prior college coursework, even if your GPA was weak. Let the university make the decision on your application, not your peers, and remember that any decision can be appealed through proper channels of communication.