Thursday, February 24, 2011

UC TAG for Fall 2012 Admission

Many students are already asking about submitting a Transfer Admissions Guarantee, or TAG, application for Fall 2012 admission. You can learn more about the TAGs at this website:

You can start filling out your TAG application now, but you cannot submit it until September 2011. If you apply for a TAG with UC Davis and/or UC Santa Cruz, you will have to ask a DVC counselor to review your TAG application.

Remember these important things about TAGs:
1. Even if you submit a TAG application in September, you still have to submit the UC application in November. UC applications are available at Just select "Admissions" from the drop-down menu.
2. If you submit a TAG application and later have changes to your Fall or Spring schedule, you must report those changes to each UC campus individually.
3. You must meet the minimum criteria for the TAG, otherwise you do not qualify for the TAG. No exceptions.
4. Even if you don't qualify for the TAG, you might still qualify to apply for admissions.
5. You do not have to attend the UC campus with which you have a TAG. You may choose to attend another UC campus, or no UC campuses at all.

For more information about TAGs, refer to the Transfer Center website: