Monday, July 26, 2010

UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee Website

Students applying for Fall 2011 admission to a UC campus that offers a Transfer Admissions Guarantee, or TAG, will now have to submit the TAG application through a new website. Please visit the website to learn more and to submit a TAG application:

It is the student's responsibility to complete the application online. Some UC's will require students to bring a copy of the TAG application to a counselor for verification. Students should bring copies of ALL college and university transcripts when they visit a counselor, as well as a copy of their TAG application. DO NOT EXPECT THE COUNSELOR TO HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR NON-DVC RECORDS AT THE TIME OF YOUR VISIT. Bringing photocopies of transcripts to the counseling appointment will save valuable time for both the student and the counselor.

For more general information about the UC TAGs and links to campus websites with specific criteria, visit

All UC's except Berkeley and Los Angeles offer a TAG, and international students may apply for a TAG. However, different campuses may have different criteria, so please read the websites of the specific campuses carefully.