Thursday, October 4, 2012

UC Berkeley Admissions Website

UC Berkeley has recently published a useful and interactive website for prospective students:

Fall 2013 UC Application Integrity

The Fall 2013 UC application for transfer admissions is now available. The submission period is November 1 through 30. As you begin to work on your application, I would like to remind you that ALL information you provide in the application MUST be complete, true, and your own work. Here is the statement provided on the UC application website:

Application Integrity Statement:

The UC application now includes additional language for students to acknowledge the integrity of their application prior to submission. UC would like to remind applicants that all information must be complete, accurate and their own work. Failure to submit accurate information will jeopardize consideration for admission to UC for the current or any future terms. Students found to have falsified application information will be subject to penalties. To see the full statement, please visit our website:

Some students have asked me, "But how will they know?" The question is not whether they know or not. The fact is, YOU will know if you provide false or incomplete information, and you will know that you have lied on your application. No future employer will want to hire a liar. Whatever your personal belief system is, know that wrong actions WILL come back to haunt you in some form or fashion. So be completely honest on your application; provide ALL of your academic history, and write your OWN personal statement. Don't "inflate" your awards, honors, accomplishments, or community service/work experience. Just be your best self.