Friday, May 20, 2011

Some California colleges still accepting applications for Fall 2011

I just received a valuable link today to a website that shows which California colleges are still accepting applications from transfer applicants for Fall 2011:

The website also shows information for colleges and universities in other states, too.

Be aware of which colleges and universities are private and which are CSU. The UCs are closed for Fall 2011 application.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More about UC admissions appeals

Yesterday I attending the UC system's annual Ensuring Transfer Success conference. One topic of discussion was admissions appeals. All of the UC campuses stressed that students should submit admissions appeals ONLY if they have NEW and COMPELLING information to share that was NOT included in the original application. They also refused to give examples of new and compelling information because, if a student needs an example of what constitutes new and compelling information, that means the student does NOT have new or compelling information to provide.

They also stressed that the UC's RARELY grant admissions appeals.

If your UC application was denied, you should not submit an appeal UNLESS you have new and compelling information that was not provided in your original application.

PLEASE do not ask me to provide you with examples of what new and compelling information is. I do not have examples. I also have not known of any students who got admitted based on an appeal. That does NOT mean that you should not submit an appeal if you believe you have new and compelling information. I am willing to review your appeal letter ONLY if you are providing new and compelling information.

Examples of what is NOT new and compelling information include: a list of your accomplishments, and your strong desire to be admitted. All of that information was already communicated on your UC application. Reiterating it in an appeal is a waste of your time, my time, and the UC campuses time.

There are other fine universities you can consider attending, or you can consider applying to the UC campus of your choice again next year, or you can apply for a UC master's degree program once you complete your bachelor's degree at another university.