Thursday, May 21, 2009

Using Pass/No Pass Units

As students register for summer and fall classes, it's good to review the policy on the use of Pass/No Pass units. Many courses at DVC are offered with the Student Choice (SC) grading option. This means that the student can choose either the letter grade (A-F) or Pass/No Pass (P/NP) option. In order to get a Pass, you must make at least a C in the course. However, your transcript will indicate a P. If you earn less than a C, your transcript will show NP for the course. Either way, there is no affect on your GPA. Be advised: Courses that are required for your major must, in most cases, be taken for a letter grade. General education courses and elective courses, however, can be taken P/NP for CSU and UC transfer. The maximum number of units that you can transfer to the UC system with a P grade, however, is 14. Maximums in the CSU system vary from campus to campus, so check the websites of the campuses you want to transfer to. The same holds true for private and out-of-state universities.