Thursday, August 13, 2009

Using AP, IB, GCE, and other test scores

While in high school, many students take classes and exams in college-bound programs such as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE), often know as O-level and A-level, or in similar programs based on that of Cambridge, such as KHALE. Acceptable scores on such exams often result in requirements being waived, and in some universities, earn unit credit. Each college and university has its own policy regarding the use of exam scores; indeed, sometimes there are different policies from one department to another in the same university. Each student's case is unique, so if you have exam scores like one of the ones mentioned previously, you should look at the websites of the universities you plan to apply to and determine how they will accept your scores. In almost all cases, however, only AP scores can be used to meet General Education requirements. The UC transfer website does have some information on how the UC accepts such scores:

Exam scores might also be used to clear prerequisite requirements for courses that you want or need to take at DVC. To determine whether or not your scores meet prerequisite requirements, be sure that DVC has an official copy of your score report on file. Submit a Prerequisite Form, along with an unofficial copy of your score report, to the DVC Admissions and Records office. Be sure to fill in the information on the form about the class you want to take and the score you believe meets the requirement for that class. If the DVC class you want to take is still open, or if you have been given permission by the instructor to enroll, you can also submit a Schedule Request form to enroll in the class. The appropriate academic department will review your credential to determine whether or not you can stay in the class.