Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If the classes you want are full...

If the classes you want to take are full:
1. Check the Schedule of Classes daily to see if someone has dropped, leaving an opening for which you can register.
2. If the class has a waiting list that still has openings on it, add your name; if an opening occurs, the department will contact you and ask if you want to register for the class. If you attend the first day of class and openings are available, those students on the waiting list will get priority for the open seats.
3. If the class is still closed on the first day, attend anyway, taking a Schedule Request form (available at ) . Ask the instructor if you can take the class; if the instructor consents, get his/her signature on the form, then take it to the International Student Admissions and Services office.
4. Look for other classes to take, such as General Education courses or elective classes. Remember that international students MUST enroll in at least 12 units each semester in order to maintain legal status while in the U.S.

More students are enrolling in California community colleges while fewer classes are being offered, due to the bad economy and state budget cuts. Classes at DVC fill up VERY quickly, and students MUST be flexible in their expectations. If the classes you want are full, there is nothing that counselors, instructors, or administrators can do to create more classes for you. If you would like to take action, please consider contacting the California legislators for Contra Costa County to voice your concerns: