Thursday, May 27, 2010

UC Admissions Updates and Summer Availability

Students admitted to a UC campus for Fall 2010 are reminded that the Statement of Intent to Register, or SIR, is due by June 1. If you experienced a change in your spring schedule (e.g. you withdrew from a class) or you received a substandard grade (e.g. F, D, Incomplete, or perhaps even a C if you were instructed to make all B's or better this semester), you are required to report those changes through appropriate channels. For most UC campuses, such changes are reported through the online interface (e.g. myberkeleyapp). If you need to report a change and cannot figure out how to do so online, call the UC campus admissions office immediately. You can find the numbers in your email correspondences from the campuses.

I will not be in the office during the summer, but students with questions can email me: If the answer to your question can be found on my FAQs page or in this blog, you may experience a delay in my response. There will be two weeks in June in which I will have no access to email at all. A link to my FAQs page follows:

I will return to the office beginning August 13. Until then, enjoy your summer!