Thursday, September 2, 2010

Counseling Appointment No-show's

If you make a counseling appointment and are unable to come to the appointment, PLEASE contact the Counseling Center to cancel your appointment. It is quite difficult to get an appointment with me this semester, and many students are having to wait weeks to see me. If you make an appointment and then don't show up, you have wasted not only my time, but the time of many students who could have seen me during your appointment time.

In the business and professional world, doctors, lawyers, and others usually charge clients even if the client doesn't attend the appointment. Making appointments and then not keeping them is a very rude and potentially costly habit to form. PLEASE, keep your counseling appointments or cancel them in advance so that other students can take advantage of the opening in my schedule. Thank you.

To cancel an appointment, call 925-685-1230, extension 2276 or 2278.