Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Summer 2011 and Fall 2011 Schedule Cuts

Because of the continuing budget shortfall, DVC will be cutting numerous class sections from the Summer and Fall 2011 schedules. I would like to encourage all international students to complete their English classes as soon as they are able. Waiting until the last year to take ENGL-122 and the Critical Thinking class might result in great difficulty in scheduling all of the classes you need for graduation and/or transfer. And because of the budget crisis, instructors are very reluctant to admit more students than the maximum number allowed for the class, so do not depend on "begging" your way into a class that you need. You should also be flexible in your academic planning. Transferring in 1.5 years might not be a realistic goal considering the current contraints created by the budget cuts. Another strategy is to be sure to register just as soon as you are able. Confirm your registration date and time on WebAdvisor. Be aware, though, that your assigned registration time cannot be changed, as it is based on the number of units you have completed at DVC.