Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summer and Fall Registration Dates Available

Log-in to WebAdvisor, click on "Current Students," and under the "Registration" section, click on the link that states "My Priority Registration Dates" to find out when you can register for summer and fall terms. If you need to see me before you register, make an appointment now. Available slots are filling up fast, and remember that I am not here in the summer. There will, however, be counselors available to see you.

Your registration date and time is based on the number of units you have completed, and registration dates cannot be changed. Log-in just as soon as you are able to register for the classes you want. If they are filled already, remember that you can go to the class on the first day and ask the instructor if you can take the class. If the instructor consents, s/he will give you the add code, and you can add the class using a Schedule Request Form, available in the Admissions and Records office.

Remember: The early bird gets the worm...er, class!