Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Financial Assistance for International Students

In these tough economic times, finding the money for college can be a challenge, especially for international students, as many financial aid programs are restricted to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. However, there are some private sources of funding out there; finding them, however, is another story. Here are a few websites that might help you begin the arduous task of finding finances for your college education in the U.S.:
1. EduPASS is a non-profit organization with some useful tools and links on its website for researching money for college in the U.S. [].
2. The International Education Financial Aid website [] has a fairly comprehensive database of financial aid available for international students. Read all of the information carefully; some of the programs are campus-specific.
3. Peterson's, a reputable publisher of college guides, has information about financial assistance on their website []. Read carefully; some of the programs described might not be available for international students, but some will be.
You can find other websites by simply entering "international student scholarships" in a search engine.

Another source of information might be the embassy or consulate of your home country, as the government of your country might have financial aid available for its citizens who are studying in other countries. Also, if either or both of your parents work for companies, ask them to check with the Human Resources office of their employer to see whether or not the company provides scholarships or loans for the dependents of its employees.

As you research, keep in mind that even U.S. citizens and permanent residents have difficulty financing their college education. But, where there's a will, there's a way! It might take longer than you'd like, and you might have to choose a university that's not your first...or even your second or third...choice, but you CAN find an affordable option eventually.