Thursday, April 28, 2011

Appealing Admissions Decisions

Most students have heard from most of the campuses by now whether or not they have been accepted. Tonight or tomorrow, UC Berkeley will release admissions decisions for Fall 2011. Many have already been notified by UCLA of their acceptance or denial.

If you have new or previously unreported information that you can share with the UC admissions offices, you can consider submitting an appeal to your admissions decision. Appeals are rarely granted. However, if you have information for the campus that you did not report previously, or if your circumstances have changed favorably since you updated your application in January (e.g. some excellent grades already posted this semester), then consider submitting an appeal.

Here are links to some of the UC campuses regarding submitting admissions appeals:
Los Angeles
San Diego
Davis (This information is for freshmen applicants, but it is the only information I could find on their website.)

For all other UC campuses, contact their admissions offices:

Be sure to abide by appeals submission deadlines.