Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Requests for Unit Overloads

The Dean of Counseling, who approves student requests to exceed the maximum units allowed, has announced that he will not approve such requests until after the first day of the term or semester. This new policy will help all DVC students have a chance to enroll in classes.

If you desire to take more than 12 units in the summer or 19 units in the fall or spring, my advice is for you to attend the first day of the class you want to add and ask the instructor for permission to add the class. The instructor should give you a late-add code and/or sign a Schedule Request form. Once you have the instructor's approval, you can then petition the Dean of Counseling for approval to exceed the maximum units allowed.

This new policy is a result in the unprecedented budget cuts being experienced at DVC. Our budget reduction has forced us to eliminate many class sections from our schedule.

Students who desire to complete their degree and/or transfer requirements in 1.5 years need to re-evaluate their goals and be prepared to study at DVC for a minimum of two years.

Finally, registration dates are assigned according to the number of units you have completed at DVC, and those dates are not negotiable.