Thursday, October 13, 2011


UC Berkeley offers the opportunity for qualified students to take one nonrestricted class at UC Berkeley in the fall or spring semester. The minimum qualifications are as follows:

1. Minimum 2.4 GPA on UC-transferable coursework.
2. Completion of at least 20 UC-transferable units.
3. Completion of English 122 with a C or better.
4. Never attended a four-year college or university under regular admission.
5. Enrolled full-time during the term of concurrent enrollment, UCB and DVC units combined (e.g. 3 units at Cal, 9 units at DVC).

International students are welcome to participate in concurrent enrollment as long as they meet the minimum qualifications as described above.

For more details, visit the following webpage and view the video. Later in the semester, there will be a participation form for Spring 2012 concurrent enrollment. That page will include further instructions as well as dates and deadlines.