Thursday, August 29, 2013

Completion of English 122 and Critical Thinking for Fall 2014 Transfer

     Several students have come to me in the past two weeks who are anxious about their English classes. These students are not taking ENGL-122 this semester, but plan on transferring next Fall to a CSU or UC. CSU and UC upper-division transfer requirements state that both of those classes MUST be completed by the end of Spring 2014 in order to be eligible for transfer in the Fall. If students fail to complete those classes by the end of Spring 2014, they are not eligible to transfer. Summer 2014 classes may NOT be used to fulfill the English and Critical Thinking requirement, nor any other admissions requirement, for that matter.
     If you are a new student for Fall 2013, heed my words: It is VERY important that you complete your English classes as soon as possible before transferring. In fact, many UCs will not accept a student who is completing English or Critical Thinking during the Spring semester before Fall transfer. Therefore, if you are not taking English classes this semester, I STRONGLY advise you to enroll in appropriate English classes next semester and continue taking English classes each semester until you complete Critical Thinking. Otherwise, you might have to extend your studies or delay your transfer by one whole year.