Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post-workshop Q&A, August 8, 2013

          Thanks to all of the great students who attended today’s academic workshop following the immigration check-in session. Here are some questions and answers submitted by some of you students:

Q. Is it possible for my friend and me to switch classes if we are taking the same subject but different sections?
A. Absolutely NOT! That is illegal by California education code because you are misrepresenting yourselves. If you and your friend want to switch sections, you must each drop and then add the appropriate section numbers. There is no other way.

Q. How can I get permission to enroll in more than 19 units in a Fall or Spring semester, or more than 12 units in a Summer term?
A. First of all, if this is your first semester at DVC, you CANNOT enroll in more than 19 units, no exceptions. Second, you need to be very, very careful about enrolling in more than the maximum units allowed. College coursework is very intensive and much more challenging than high school coursework. Remember, you will spend one hour for every unit you are enrolled in classes, and then you should expect 2 or 3 hours per unit outside of class for preparation and homework. For example, if you enroll in 22 units, you will spend 22 hours per week in class, then you will spend another 44 to 66 hours per week on preparation for those classes. That’s 66 to 88 hours per week just on classwork! You still have to eat, sleep, bathe, get to and from school, and relax.
          However, if you insist on trying to enroll in more than the maximum allowed, you can request online through the Counseling Center website. The request goes to the Dean of Enrollment Management for evaluation. If your grades are low, or you have a history of dropping classes, the Dean will not grant your request, no matter the circumstances.

Q. Can I transfer to a UC campus, especially UC Berkeley, with less than 60 units?
A. No. The UC  system does not accept lower division transfers. Even if you have 59.5 units, they will deny your application. You need to have AT LEAST 60 units.

Q. I want to transfer to an out-of-state university. How do I know which classes to take?
A. DVC does not have academic relationships with out-of-state universities. You need to contact a representative of the university you want to transfer to and discuss what types of courses you need to take at DVC. No one at DVC can tell you how an out-of-state university will accept your DVC units; we can only advise you about transfer to a CSU or UC campus.

Q. Can I take courses that are not required for my major, especially during my first semester (because I have to enroll in at least 12 units)?
A. Of course you can! You can take anything you want as long as you meet any prerequisites for that course. Here’s my advice: Choose a course that is UC-transferable, and better yet, choose a course that will meet any IGETC requirement. That way, you are taking a course that is transferable probably to any university anywhere, and if you choose a major that will accept IGETC for general education, then you will be completing coursework toward that requirement. You are here to learn, so as long as you learn something from the class, it is valuable to you.

Q. When can I register for classes, and do I have to come on August 16?
A. If you completed the online orientation and received feedback from me about your choice of classes, then the ISAS office was notified that you completed the orientation. If you successfully enrolled in any units, then you have access to Web Advisor, obviously. If you are unable to enroll in additional classes, there might be another issue. Visit the Welcome Center’s Enrollment Lab, on the first floor of the Student Services Building, for assistance, or see someone in the ISAS office, on the second floor of that building.
          If you have no Friday classes, then you do not need to come to DVC on Friday, August 16. Just come to campus on the day of your first class and go to class.

Q. Can I take courses for transfer and earn an associate’s degree at the same time?
A. Of course you can! It’s easy to complete requirements for an associate’s degree and for transfer. Remember, you can use CSU-GE or IGETC for the associate’s degree general education requirement, and many DVC majors align with major preparation for many CSU programs and a few UC programs. See the DVC Catalog or website for details about associate’s degree requirements, and for information about the major you want to study at the CSU or UC campus.